We are part of a story that began long ago. When we look into the sacred sky, we are connecting with a

 language that is telling this ancient story. By understanding our role in it—past, present, and future—we can experience the comfort of self-knowledge, heart opening, and a sense of our place in the great family of things.

Working with the stars calls on the deepest part of you, bringing light to places that can be difficult to travel blindly.


Astrology has changed in countless ways over the thousands of years it has been a path of practice. It has been used for divination, political planning, marriage pairing, and many other things. To me, star maps are akin to a mandala of your life. In this way, I endeavor to help you understand yourself and your place here.


The world is increasingly filled with forces calling you away from your center; your natal chart is the turnaround that reminds you where you really want to focus. With a sincere desire to explore your birth chart, together we can examine and unlock core potentials, root through your karmic history, and come to trust the love that has guided you to this life in the first place.