"There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are dreamers and those who are being dreamed."

— Roberto Villoldo

Full Moon Diary


Full Moon Diary

16 March 2014

The full moon under Virgo will encourage us to question what’s real and what’s not so real in our lives. If there is a fantasy that you’ve been trying to embody that isn’t manifesting, this may be the day to let go of that entertaining but out-of-sync vision. (And don’t worry, there will be plenty of time in late April to potentiate a new, more aligned dream.)

Have you been feeling the dichotomy between the practical and the imaginal? The outer and inner? Each of us has to find our own way in a culture that persistently calls us to become more like it and less like ourselves. Are you satisfied with the balance you live between fitting into the dominant world around you and maintaining an authentic relationship to your inner essence?


Our home, that is, our solar system, is moving in a zone of highly charged energy called the photon belt. For the first time in about 20,000 years, we are being energized to a degree that some find unnerving and others find ecstatic. As the sun forms the great eliminator aspect with Mars during this full moon, you have an opportunity to move through a physical boundary that will allow higher-dimensional sensation to enter your range of physical awareness.


There is a chaos in Pisces that Virgo finds both intoxicating and threatening. It is from that chaos that new life emerges. During this lunation, let there be space between reality and what you’re sure you know about it. Over the next month or so, cultivate this space within yourself. Make the ground of you hospitable to new life. Make the love in you for the sake of itself rather than some object or service. Let the focus of your attention be on adding openness to your strength and sensitivity to your wisdom.


14 February 2014

The moon comes into fullness under Leo today, as much of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers to honor their connectedness and show appreciation for each other. The Leo moon has us feeling an unusually strong ability to shine as we express what is true in us. The sun under Aquarius, shining directly upon the moon, shows us how to stay with ourselves while we love. As we learn to appreciate our own intellect, emotions, bodies, and presence, our subtle body is empowered to extend our essence into the world. This Valentine’s Day, that the Aquarian sun shining inside the Leo moon may show us all that love is an extension of inner essence toward the numinous other that creates its own deep satisfaction and expansion.


Jupiter in Cancer, near the degree of the fixed star Srius, is square Uranus. The line between technology, consciousness, and intimacy continues to blur as our own capacity for cosmic, interdimensional understanding expands. I believe there are technological inventions waiting for us to be ready for them that will bring our minds into clear acknowledgment of our connection with many other star systems and off-planet cultures. The Sirians are in communication with many on our planet. Are you cataloguing your dreams? If you aren’t writing them down, at least create a sacred moment before you fall asleep and when you wake up to let the images of them flood your waking reality.


It is ours to utilize negativity like a painter uses colors—to appreciate the spectrum it provides. More and more negativity is coming to the surface, making it increasingly easy to create with and integrate into the picture each of us is painting. A Pluto Venus conjunction on Valentine’s Day is a magnificent reflection of this potential in all of us to truly embrace the power of shadow-negativity as we extend our heart essence in 5D space. We may be the first in the multiverse to be so creative. Anchor yourself into Gaia, her moon, and our own suns, and enjoy the ride.


15 January 2014

As the moon becomes full today, a strong square between Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra is having a major impact on our sense of personal volition. Venus moving through shows us how being love is a discipline involving daily practice. Each of us can rise each morning and acknowledge our inherent capacity for kindness, empathy, and understanding. We can choose to move within this field of energy that is ruled by the heart and to extend ourselves out from this place. There are days when loving and being open hearted feels like the most natural things, and others when the heart is inclined to close. Venus is showing us today that one of life’s central purposes is learning how to use the muscle that keeps the heart open even when threatening circumstances loom—someone you don’t feel safe around, the risk of failure at a particular endeavor: you can fill in the blanks.


Mars orbiting through Libra strongly squares Venus during the full moon. Mars in Libra is a lesson in tempering the emotions that serve to guard our personal interests (yes, even ego has a sacred purpose!). Mars in Libra can help each of us understand how the actions we take and thoughts we think have an impact upon the people who are here with us. Learning how to acknowledge our power while playing well with others can be tricky—but that’s what’s on the agenda for today. And there’s a great opportunity to embody this wisdom at a very deep level if we open to everything being offered to us through the power of lunation today.


The moon is under the 25th degree of Cancer during today’s peak lunar experience. The Sabian symbol for this degree, “A dark shadow thrown suddenly over the right shoulder,” can provide some insight as what’s happening on a psychic level today. As the moon is full today, the shadow that is thrown over the right shoulder is the split between the sensitive, perceptive part of us and the powerful, courageous part of us. We are being shown how to marry these live currents within us in such a way that allows us to be powerful, inwardly-sourcing, intuitive, emotionally connected to the people around us, and in touch with the unique voice that guides each of us on—all at once. Just another day in paradise. ;-)



17 December 2013

Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries during the full moon today. This is a call for courage. Where in your life have you been playing weak? This full moon is a challenge to live into a new level of empowerment that is balanced with a sense of ease and commitment to bringing forth what is truly valued by you on the inside.


With the moon in Gemini, we may not be clear on exactly what this new direction is. The lesson now is holding the power within—learning to wield it, to inhabit it. The Gemini moon may be preoccupied by two intense visions—one of a world on the brink of collapse, and one of a world on the brink of divine discovery. Look inside to track with this Gemini project: what is on the brink of collapse because divine discovery is making room for its unfoldment?


Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, re-minding us how our depth is in our height, how there is profound benevolence in the midst of the greatest confusion. The past is a sacred scroll, a reference text on which to rationalize our decisions and directions. But there are fresh thoughts, brand new perspectives—ones for which there is no personal history as back up. For these, a new power must be born out of the future inside us and lived in. For these, we must risk not knowing before stepping. For these, we must tap inner resources rarely called on.



17 November 2013

With the sun in the final degrees of Scorpio, things are beginning to get dark all around us. We are being asked to find a different way of being with the world—one where we rely more on the light within than the light coming from outside. The movement toward this dark period can be unnerving. We might experience it as loss—something important slipping through our fingers. We might experience it as a growing distaste for the noise of the world around us—the need for silence and stillness.


The Scorpio journey takes you to the center of your soul and asks you to clear away anything standing between you and the authentic expression of your innermost depths. It asks you to live an innermost life.


The full moon, opposite the sun in Scorpio, is in Taurus. As you tentatively walk toward the inside of the world on your Scorpio journey, the Taurus moon is like an ancient woman who has seen many wars and given birth to many lives; she stands strong with you, reminding you that everything here on Earth is an extension of you. The hardest-to-look-at pieces of yourself are just as rightful as a sunrise, as the leaves falling from the trees.


With Pluto (a ruler of Scorpio) conjunct Venus (a ruler of Taurus) and septile Chiron, the personal nature of this lunation cycle is palpable. Meditate by feeling into whatever hell has been dragging you around by the shirttails recently. Turn around and look it straight in the eye (full moon = sun straight in front of moon). Then move toward it without shifting your gaze. Feeling the ground of Gaia beneath you and the sacred help of Venus and Pluto by your sides as you take each step, move so close into that part of you that you become it. Move with it inside you.


This is about brining inner awareness to the resistance that prevents you from feeling at one with your own heart. Scorpio-Taurus is at one with the heart of the world, and it is now time to release into that heart and be at peace. It is dusk, and time to prepare for the night.


18 October 2013

There is no shortage of potent planetary activity as Luna waxes to fullness today under Aries. The Aries moon calls out to us to stand strong for ourselves. What does it mean to stand for yourself? To pull yourself up by your Self? Aries can become distracted by the idea that we have to do this work alone, on our own. But the sun in Libra, facing the moon, reflects something compellingly true: we become more connected to others and more connected to the life instinct when we ground in our own inner kingdom. When we find the core sense of strength at the center of our being, we can lean into it, and then begin to extend ourselves. And the energetic effect is a full circle.


Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, who has been dancing next to Alpha Omega (Chiron) for what seems like an eternity now (Alpha Omega has a way of altering our perceptions of time!). Mars helps us find our footing inside this new Earth, where Alpha Omega boundlessness and Neptunian psychic depth are becoming as accessible as our five senses.


The Parts of Fortune and Spirit are conjunct exactly at the moment of the lunation, reflecting back to us where our true wealth lies: Spirit. If the world story’s drones about debt and death have a glue for you somewhere inside, the time has come to release these truly exhausted thought forms that are ready to find new life as new forms. Consider, what does this energy really want to be within you? How can you steward this energy into its next incarnation? If you’ve talked to a very young person lately, you probably noticed that they were carrying a very new charge. Jupiter in Cancer, squaring the Moon and the Sun and trining Mercury, is reminding us of the currency that lies in our heart, and the limitless supply of heart wisdom that we have access to at all times in all ways for all situations.


Oh, and it’s a lunar eclipse! Expect the unexpected.

19 September 2013


During this cycle Luna becomes full under the sign of Pisces, opposite Virgo. As the sun travels through Virgo, we are drawn into the center of being and made to ask the question, how can I help God? Virgo’s commitment to sacred servanthood is second to none, and this full moon shows us exactly how to reach inside ourselves to experience the humility and clarity it takes to truly show up as a healer in a world that is full of suffering.


Venus is exactly conjunct the moon’s North node and Saturn, making today the day to step into your future self as one who communicates from the heart, is aware of how your actions affect others, seeks to comfort souls through sacred presence and the vibration of love, is moved by being aware of the sacred web of life that connects all things.


With the full moon in Pisces, our conscious awareness is stretched like a bubbe, larger and larger and larger until we are wide enough to let in the entire view of things—no duality, no judgment, no separation. We can be filled with the awareness of connection and our ability to serve it as it expands into uncharted territory.


As Virgo, along with the Saturn-Venus conjunction, shows us how to stay committed to life and the practice of service, the Pisces moon opens our hearts and our heads, giving us a new intelligence: when we come from our hearts with open minds, our service becomes a truly healing offering.

20 August 2013

While not officially a blue moon (i.e., consecutive full moons in the same sign in the same month), this is pretty close—two full moons in Aquarius in a row. We get to travel down the rabbit hole a bit deeper with this moon.


In the foreground of this lunation is the T square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn is the dilemma between ease and assertion, comfort and strength, relaxation and effort. Uranus in Aries squaring Jupiter and Pluto shows a potential way through. But this is challenging medicine! How can we use the fire of the self to navigate the ocean of feelings and some of the most fortified belief systems we stand upon?


As the moon waxes to fullness, we are taken inside Aquarius for a glimpse at this passageway. There is a spark in you that is as old as time itself that knows why you came here to serve, and it is this service that is road. At the deepest level, Aquarius brings us to humility so that we can be of use to the future that is careening toward us. How are you serving this birthing moment?

22 July 2013

The moon will have been void of course for over 24 hours when she ingresses into Aquarius to reach the fullness of the lunation cycle. This extended void in Capricorn gives a much needed wash of relaxation and stillness to a part of us that has been pushing to accomplish something. These long voids show us how much nicer life feels when we don’t try so hard to control reality. There is a flow to things that moves them forward, and it is usually beyond our comprehension.


As the full Aquarian moon energizes us after this long void, we become filled with a knowingness of how to move forward into the future. Whatever piece of the puzzle has been eluding us lately is available for the taking today. We have an opportunity to anchor in the confidence that at every turn, all the right information and resources are available to us.


Aquarius has a map to the future. She knows where we need to get, and her life’s work is to inspire us to move in that direction. On this full moon day, be inspired by the way time is drawing us toward the future and try to keep your finger of the pulse of what you know that future must look like. Just your sacred vision is needed today.


Saturn squares the sun and moon today, adding a layer of seriousness to the mix of energies. Saturn is always reminding us of what we came here to do, and so his presence in this future-focused full moon is supremely useful.


23 June 2013

Right now is a call to learn how to love and understand the needs of the disembodied part of you, that you may bring it back into the fold of connection and wholeness. It is the solstice, it is the full moon in Capricorn, and we are floating through a grand water trine passage. We are being filled. What do you feel is building inside you, is expanding, is about to burst and spill over? This is a bursting moon, a spilling solstice, a deeply felt passage. And despite all this, it has a noticeable subtlety. Many are using fire on the solstice to overcome the intensity of the water. And theirs is to not feel too much. And yet water is difficult to keep out, and almost always finds a way in—damp at first, a puddle, and then a flood. It’s rising.  


Sun in Cancer conjunct Venus, Mercury, Jupiter opens up the question, How can I love the unconscious part of me, the part of me with needs I have trouble allowing to be met? I can learn how to listen better. I can learn how to be present with myself when the only thing I really want to do is something else. I can learn how to get still and make a sacred contract with my inner self to never call it hysterical, to never call it strange or confused. I can listen. I can pay attention. I can be gentle enough to hear quiet voices. I can utilize my heart for attunement with this inner knowing, with this sometimes suspicious-seeming voice that is no doubt more aligned with Gaian evolution than Western cultural domination.


On the full moon, the sun calls to the moon, loudly. And the moon responds by hearing this call. Luna will mine life for a response and send word soon. The moon is always mining life for information on behalf of source energy. And we are living and loving and experiencing in order to understand life and source energy.


This bright moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn must look into a habitual tendency—the compulsion to achieve/accomplish everything that comes within your sphere and on your own. By addressing this, by facing this compulsion, true Cancerian sacred presence is left to shine freely, healingly. The way is made clear by re-membering the circuit of life energy that is at all times renewing and nourishing us.


25 May 2013

As the moon comes to fullness during the in-between time from May 24 to May 25, we also experience a lunar eclipse. And the Uranus/Pluto square. And the Chiron/Neptune conjunction. With so much truly Earth-changing starry activity happening, it is difficult to get a handle on what’s really going on in here. But that’s the first thing to remember—its all happening ‘in here.’


The degree frequency of this full moon lunar eclipse is 5. Behind the level of the obvious, there is a deepening and a rooting happening regarding our psychic selves. We are becoming more connected. The moon in Sagittarius puts our hunger for the life instinct itself, our primal relationship to the way things move forward, in contrast with the sun, who, in Gemini, is reminding us of the importance of believing in a bright future.


The emotional quality of the big starry picture right now is a bit held under, intense, pushed to the brink. And yet in these moments where it can be difficult to take a full, deep breath, there is dynamic fertility writhing beneath the surface, waiting for us to weave our discomfort into the fabric of life for healing.


The 5 is everything to do with sinking in and opening the heart to a mystical dimension where we feel deeply that we are together with everything. And so it is.

25 April 2013

As Luna brightens to fullness opposite the sun in Taurus, two important conjunctions form. The sun and Mars gather and draw strength from each other, while Luna and Saturn meet in Scorpio. This full moon begs us to stand up for what we truly believe in on the deepest level.


Luna and Saturn traveling through Scorpio draw us into one of the most shadowy areas of our consciousness. Saturn conjunct moon brings up feelings and body memories of how we became lost earlier in this life and in other lifetimes while reminding us of the commitment we made to life herself as we came into form this time. If we imagine Taurus as the ground from which new life comes, Scorpio is the organic matter, full of life force, that yields back into decomposition to feed the deepest parts of the earth so that new life can emerge again. Scorpio is a composting process whose guide is in the waters deep below the surface of the planet.


As we are internally brightened by the full moon, we are asked to yield that which has lived its rightful life within us to this composting process. Saturn brings clarity and much-needed decisiveness, helping us be guided by the compass of our most deeply held values and soul-level commitments.


Sun conjunct Mars in Taurus brings us to be fully body-present within this experience, giving a sense of safety, personal power, and even vulnerability—imagine the way a baby can relax into the arms of its mother when all the right ingredients are in place: connection, love, stability, strength.


Today on this bright lunation we can feel that our deepest, most shadow-connected worlds are supported by the stable, gentle, slow-moving evolutionary mechanism that is the greatest machine to ever be invented—the human form.

27 March 2013

The full moon in Libra asks us to risk everything for the sake of connection to our creative spark. As Luna moves into direct opposition with the Sun, she finds the Sun in powerful company: a precise conjunction with Venus and a close conjunction with Uranus and Mars. With Venus, Uranus, Mars, and the Sun traveling through Aries, Luna will have a treasure of impressions to share with us.


On a foundational level, we will be electrified with data about how to assert ourselves compassionately. Sun conjunct Venus and Mars is about utilizing the serpentine masculine and feminine passion that allows us to feel perfectly safe and empowered in our environment. The Aries lesson answers the question, how can I be powerful but still remain fully connected to the life spark that is drawing me toward oneness and connection? Living in a world-culture where power is felt as a rising above, this can be complex energy to receive consciously. And yet Uranus ensures that our subtle mental body is open enough to receive the burst of lightning that is needed to progress subtly toward this different way of carrying empowerment.


With Luna traveling under Libra, opposite Aries, we are re-Minded that learning to trust love is an adventure that strips of us of our attachment to smallness and selfishness.


Pluto in Capricorn squares both Luna and the Sun’s mega conjunction to Venus, Mars, and Uranus. The ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto (which has been written about extensively on this site) is of great cultural significance—it has sparked numerous political uprisings and natural disasters. It is systematically deconstructing patriarchy. As the full Moon event gathers around this culturally pivotal square, Pluto asks us to consider our personal role—our shadow contract to participating in—that which does not serve our deeper intentions to thrive within this planetary body.

25 February 2013

The ordeal is about whether there are enough resources to bring forth the vision. Of course, there always is enough, but so many perceptions have taken root between reality and disreality.


This full moon in Virgo sextile Saturn and square Jupiter knows how to tell the difference. Her powers of discernment are fiercely on point, and she is committed to rooting out the unreal so that we can find our way back into true Earth.


The sun conjunct Chiron in Pisces opposing the moon is mourning how we have clung to illusions of the life-generating impulse rather than giving over to the impulse itself.


As we get down to business, moon fills us with the sense that there is only one way to go despite that it is difficult to see more than a few feet ahead. As we trust our inner connection to life, we are guided and can safely give up the false safety of self-created reality for true connected presence.


And so it is.

26 January 2013

As the moon comes into fullness in Leo late Saturday night on the East coast, she will be weaving a rope with which to lower ourselves deep inside the world. There is a place within each of us that has a map for how the future of Earth can play out (Aquarius), and there is another map for how our individual lives can be realized (Leo). As such, under this moon, we may feel at odds with ourselves: a self-supporting, single-mission part of us seeks to energize our goals and use our talents for personal expansion while the cosmic seer in us understands we are being asked to contribute to a much larger dance than the personal ego can possibly understand. Deeper still, we know there is a harmonious path throughout these lands. There is a collective future forming, and we are being asked to concentrate on it and use our personal life force as an offering in order to bring it forth.


Technology is a form of stale wind that pulls at us and often distracts us from being aware of the larger cosmic dance that is playing out. The seductive part of this stale wind tells us that we are more connected when we engage it, and yet somehow we end up feeling less charged and less complete after we let it into us.


The Sabian symbol for the 8th degree of Aquarius is “beautifully gowned wax figures.” Let us utilize the power of this full moon to examine what is real in our lives. Where have we let stale winds linger for too long? Where we have allowed false beauty to stand in for true beauty? How have we wrongly made ourselves into our own gods? We are connected to the root of the tree that is the mother-father of this ancient world, and yet can we let a true feeling like that move through us? Our crowns are connected to a string that is a path to the center of starry intelligence. Now what?


There is much power available now for honest self-reflection. By facing our false gods we come closer and closer to communion with our inherent essence—the one that has been always waiting for us in the future. Gaia is calling. Answer.

28 December 2012

The moon becomes full inside the sign of Cancer, opposing the sun in Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for the 7th degree of Cancer is “Two faeries on a moonlit night.” The symbol for the 7th degree of Capricorn is  “A veiled prophet of power.”


In Capricorn, the sun has access to a tremendous amount of effort. It is guided by a will to complete something and has an unstoppable quality. It will work night and day to bring forth its vision.


In Cancer, the moon is drawn deep inside the realm of sacred ritual and intuitive perception. Exterior accomplishments and visions seem irrelevant—absurd—to one who is living so richly on the inside, to one who rests with the particle of creation from which all emotion arises in response.


With the sun about to cross Pluto’s path, there is an unconscious drive toward pushing and willing our way through reality that is up for review. Moon fills our being with a new way of approaching our work, our play, our visions that is marked by surrender and connection to life’s most inward essence. This is about learning to live from the inside out and being conscious of the entire process from a devotional, sacred perspective. The source of our devotion can move from the exterior environment to the inside spark that gives life to new worlds.


And so it is.


28 November 2012

What a moon cycle! Doesn’t it feel like an eternity has occurred between now and the past full moon? Well, in a sense it has. As Chiron folds time in on itself, the entire past and the entire future are arriving strongly at our doorsteps for an important occasion. The pull to stay conscious with all of this is pushing us all to new limits we couldn’t have imagined we had just weeks ago. Gaia herself is undergoing a rebirthing process that we are unspeakably fortunate to ground ourselves within.


As Moon waxes to full brightness on November 28 of 2012, all eyes will be on her, both from above and below. In the starry nations, an aspect that astrologers call a finger of God, or a yod, will form. This creates a kind of cosmic slingshot that concentrates and hurls energy toward the tip of the yod. The tip of this yod, you may have guessed, is Moon. The yod is formed by a Saturn/Venus conjunction in Scorpio and a Pluto/Mars conjunction in Capricorn. The other major player here is Jupiter, with whom Moon is approaching conjunction in Gemini.


Now that we’ve witnessed the geometry and given name to the configuration, let’s spiral inside this event:


Repeated billions of times within each of us and then exponentially more times within the larger culture we comprise is a binary code that contains the masculine and the feminine. Each is triggered into expression in a unique way through our beingness and within our culture. An underlying sense of competition has pervaded the play of these forces for so long that many of us forgot there was another way. Moon is highlighting the third way, and it’s about a new form of androgyny that is only now revealing itself within us in order to find a way into expression.


This is an inside job. We’re not talking about cutting or growing our hair and wearing different clothes. This is about allowing a stabilizing and muscular force within us to be yoked with the sparkling inner fountain of possibility and openness. It’s about moving with these currents in a fluid way so that each can come to the fore as needed but never relegate the other to momentary uselessness.


Is there a part of you holding on to one extreme for safety? For allegiance? Is there a subtle judgment of one or the other or both that you can courageously ferret out? Moon is guiding us away from the shore of our safe places and preconceived notions of gendered identity to the true Jupiter in Gemini message-passage that the new Earth birthing herself beneath our feet is a third gender. And in order to figure out how to make love with these new bodies, we too need to find our own fresh expression of creating and being created as a unified force.


29 October 2012

We have all been drawn deeply into the still waters of Scorpio as the Sun and Saturn joined, lighting up our shiningest destiny to finally own our most disowned places. Of course there is a distance between here and there. And that distance looks like a concentrated form of every painful thing that’s ever happened wriggling under the pressure of needing to live a miracle—reaching back to clearly witness what happened at the moment of separation while meeting our future selves with open hearts.


The moon’s full crescendo, facing off this Sun-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, re-minds us in the missing ingredient: embodiment. We need to be full earth beings in order to accomplish this charge. We need to be so open inside our bodies that the energy of Gaia teems through and floods us with her force. We need to let go of control in such a way that the outstanding, miraculous outcome that never could have imagined has room to reveal itself.


This lunation is calling us to be refreshingly vulnerable in our loving. It’s calling us to get deeply comfortable with acknowledging the parts of our perceptions we’ve designed to give us distance from feeling the pain of isolation from self and other and repression of internal spirit forces.


A time has come to face the wild waters without losing our heads or our hearts. Moon has carved an exceedingly comfortable, safe place and has lit up  pathway toward full integration with all our dispersed selves, that we may reluminate from and shine forth in the starry nations as we embed our rootest energy center back into Gaia and her kundalini inspirator.



28 September 2012


As Moon brightens to her peak experience in Aries, she is just a breath away from Uranus. Together they stage a ritual at our crown chakra. We are downloaded with the frequency that, in order to participate fully in life, in order to finally embody inside the new Earth, we must learn to give our highest gift completely in an enduring and consistent way.


Moon in Aries empowers us to finally do what we wanted to do all along—love completely, be utterly

connected to one another, open our hearts and let it out/in/out/in/out/in. Uranus in Aries, breathing in sync, puts the thought at the front of our mind: we are the keepers of our awareness; we are fully involved in and in rapport with the forces that manifest existence. We are free to and won’t-be-soul-gratified-until-we commit our awareness to the new future that is arriving in waves around us.


This full moon lights up our inner knowingness that we have the answers we seek. That the future that is calling us relentlessly is already born in us. That the reconnection that must occur is between our own will and our own open heart. That we can do it. We are graced with confidence and inner resolve if we tap far enough inside ourselves to finally do what our heart has been calling us to do. When we line up with the love current that is flowing the future into us now and integrating the past with our conscious experience, we are fully revealed to ourselves and to others. The hide-and-go-seek of the Age of the Fishes has lost its allure on this Aries moon that calls us to be fully with it, fully present, utterly revealed at last.


The pangs of confusion around how to do it, why to do it, if its safe enough to do it are not problems, they are just memories of something that was very real but is now only an aspect of a much larger story in which we understand that steady aligning day in and day out brings long-term gains. The truth is, there is nothing to raise up, nothing to purify. We have become spacious enough to be individuals inside a Gaian dynamic that is calling us to pour forth connectivity. While it is normal to feel uncertain and unsure of your footing in this territory, know on this bright lunation that our inner resources, our soul resolve and spirit strength are absolutely suited to face what is being asked of us right now.


And so it is.




31 August 2012

Moon is brightening our most hidden places during this cycle. Centered almost poetically between the Uranus-Pluto square that is reflecting our divine discontent that is birthing a whole new age, moon is traveling side-by-side with two deeply artful and healing friends: Chiron and Neptune. And so the holy dance takes on a melancholic, yet knowingly optimistic rhythm.


There are countless ways that we hide the truth from ourselves. Neptune in Pisces can represent this tendency to block whatever aspects of reality seem too much to behold from our view. Chiron is representing a persistent impulse to reopen a wound that is unhealed. Moon is brightening the part of this that has to do with a habitual pattern or tendency. Sun in Virgo says keep breathing, stay with it, we can accomplish whatever is asked of us with consistently applied effort.


And so it is.


Each of us is being asked to notice a habit or tendency that is so ingrained in our nature that it is almost completely out of view during most moments. This lunation will bring with it a profound ability to witness some troubled part of self that is difficult to face under normal circumstances.


As a jumping-off point, think of what it feels like to really be there for someone else, and to let them really be there for you.


What stands in the way of the deepest expression of this connection?


What is there to be afraid of in truly revealing one’s self to the other and to truly witness the full expression of the other without objectifying any aspect?


This is the personal level of this lunation. Give yourself some quiet time to go into the potential awareness that can come on such a cosmically potent day.


And then there is the collective experience. As mentioned earlier, the Pluto-Uranus square, the defining aspect of our current experience, is encompassing the full moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron. There is a huddle happening for the team that comprises individual heart-minds tuning into a more feeling-aware way of living. It is a kind of silent huddle though. For as media blares with messages about our unethical natures, our ill health, our confused thoughts, another being, a future being, is tuning in to another channel altogether. Moon-Chiron-Neptune is holding court between Pluto and Uranus, re-minding us all that when we are aware of the deep feelings of the other, we live in a connected world. When we objectify the other or distract from connectedness in any way, we cultivate a false reality.


Our being is reconnecting to the blanket of consciousness that binds all sentience through love and its awareness.


1 August 2012

There is a window opening with today’s lunation. The stuffy old castle our prideful egos have resided in for ages is being opened up and the moonlight is streaming in along with a whole new air. We’ve known for quite some time that it needed major renovations. That the old style of living wasn’t working for us anymore, but what to do next? The Aquarian moon makes the connection for our heart-body, and this livens our mind.


Aquaria knows all well what it means to be perfectly individuated, aware of her own needs and wishes, clearly self-contained, and yet simultaneously fully aware of connection to the family of things, to being part of the dynamic community of life. This key lesson is at the forefront during this lunation as we are called to be filled with the light that is our own destiny, our own unique essence, our soul-spark that the world before us could not have imagined, and also at once feel the sacred connection, the unified field, the sense of shared purpose with all others we find alongside ourselves.

A core requirement of this lesson is to become aware of our deep needs. As individual selves in a world some would have us believe is largely a consumer marketplace, our sense of fulfillment has been twisted into something that we would hardly recognize as human from within the deeper folds of Aquaria. On this day of fully lighted connection to Moon, that we let ourselves explore the nature of our desires to satiate our hungers. What are these hungers truly and deeply trying to fill for us?


Often times, exploring only one of these unlocks many others, as the seed of misinformation about our true nature was small at one time, but has grown into a bush with scaling branches and a well-developed root system. We need only follow one branch to the trunk and deep inside the Earth to find its source.


My own desire for starchy, sugary foods is of interest. The consequence of eating these foods is nearly always unpleasant—fatique, allergic reaction, more desire. And despite the ultimately unfulfilling effects, something compels me to these foods. Some part that feels lost, hopeless, in need of the cheapest and quickest comfort in sight.


So I breathe and become aware of my true need, the deeper nature of what my soul finds to be missing and is calling forth. I ground deeply in my own essence, connected to Gaia and the cosmic forces. Connected in to my unique soul essence as well as the sacred family of things. From here, I can see my real need to honor my feelings and to be a source of comfort to myself amid both all of the insane voices calling us to desert (dessert?) ourselves and all of the soul-level transformation that is required of us right now.


Try to find one soul-level need that you are trying to fill with a hopeless mimic.


We are magnificent beings that are each at the helm of a limitlessly powerful ship of light. When we yoke with the inner guidance mechanism that is desiring to steer the ship of our life, we become empowered by every insight we could need in each moment to fully meet our destiny—individually and collectively. Today as Moon waxes to fullness, let the feelings, thoughts, and desires in your being call you deeply within this fully self-empowered place to meet your true, deep need to comfort your self as well as realize that your consciousness is serving the great shift that is happen under our feet, around our bodies, and over our heads.

3 July 2012

Today’s full moon is an invitation to bear witness to just how deep we have gone into the trauma zone over the past 2,6000 years. As the moon reaches fullness (i.e., she is fully opposing the sun’s position), something that was becoming clear is spectacularly revealed with all our faculties lit up.


This full moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, which means that the sun is in Cancer.


Let’s go where it might feel a little unsafe. We are indoctrinated at an early age into a culture that encourages us to control reality. It rewards us for having power over others. We are led to believe that our safety lies in accruing vast wealth, securing the dependence of our loved ones, and being perceived by others as faultless. To carry these responsibilities is an extraordinary burden, and many of us are truly fatigued.


The Cancer/Capricorn axis that this full moon is brightening for us is home to many of the twisted power struggles and mad-grab race for security that have afflicted our culture to an utterly cartoonish degree. We contain the cellular memory of playing this story out on a world stage.


Many feel that time itself is accelerating. Some even say that time is becoming unbound. I say the universe is filled with limitless story, and we are remembering finally that we are the ones writing that story. There is no overlord who can tyrannize our emotional body without our consent. And there’s nothing indomitable standing in the way of our fully regenerative relationship with Gaia. Yes, it seemed for so long as though there was.


It is clear now that we are in a time of great transformation. The cysts are filling all around us; many have already erupted and it is evident that many more will continue to erupt as the future moves toward us. We are leaving something behind. Pluto’s presence with this new moon event is a demand and a mourning. The demand is that we acknowledge our shadow and invoke the awareness of Lucifer as our beloved double. Only from this place can there be honest response-ability. Many of us need the good friendship that only an honest relationship with our deepest self can provide. And so we mourn an age of illusion, of avoiding connection with Gaia, and of believing the lie that we are powerless to change.


Let it be clear that our great need for affection from the universe and our great need for sovereign, fully-resourced power that inspires connection among all beings can truly met.


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Uranus Square Pluto Diary


Uranus Square Pluto Diary

Your Life, Lived

(Uranus Square Pluto, Take 4)

Of the 7 Uranus­-Pluto squares that will occur over this 3-year period of time, the one that forms today, November 1, 2013, is, perhaps, the climax. It is the center square, the height of the wave.


It would be easy to make a case that a profound political shift will take place on planet Earth today. And I won’t be surprised if it does—whether we hear about it now or at some point in the future. It’s evident to me that Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries is shining a light on the foundational break in our self-awareness—a break that has allowed the military industrial complex to stand in for our own sense of power. What happens when a band of people feel so threatened that they perpetuate a constant state of war just to comfort the part of themselves that desires to react? Can you find it—where and why do you feel that threatened? What happened in your story that is working you over, trying to resolve the great dilemma in the World Story?


Our world has taken a defensive stance—against one another, against nature, against the authentically sacred. We have become obsessed by boundaries—their presence or absence—and progress. And this media-cultivated obsession, intended to protect us from harm’s way, often only leaves us feeling more scared, more weak, more empty.


The square is an opportunity inside of a challenge. We get to experience very directly the pain of yielding our own inner authority to the power structure that claims to have our best interests at heart. You want to take your life back—it sounds so great!—but will you be safe? Or will you just get eaten alive? Will you end up on the street? Will your family and friends still respect you? Will you even know how to put one foot in front of the other and be led by your Self? Or will you fail and fall down into an embarrassing heap if you try to live your own authentic life?


Sound familiar? Where can you find it? Is it your job? Your romantic relationship? Your community? Your family? Your connection to the sacred? Are you standing up for your life?


In the article on Venus on this site, I wrote about the time when a tear formed in the awareness of the fabric of life that separated humanity off from the rest of nature. We formed stone walls around ourselves and started worshipping on high. We judged our impulse to act With Gaia. We began instead to act against her, believing this would keep us safe from the thorny, serpentine path that is so difficult for our mind to make sense of, so difficult for us to control the trajectory of. We gave up Gaia for the feeling of control, for the feeling of managing our collective destiny.


And today we may realize that we have given up far, far too much. There is an opportunity to feel into that instinctual territory that wakes up each day and is moved by life itself—not by your ideas about your life but by life’s natural, rightful connection to you. It is telling you a story that it has never told before—to anyone at any time. And if you don’t listen and learn and live, the World Story may continue to be absent a crucial tale.


As we move from 3D, through 4D, into 5D, the heart is stretched and given an altogether new capacity to perceive love as a force that rises from the depths of the planet, up our feet, into our legs, through our reproductive organs, filling our stomach, piercing our heart, attracting God down to Earth through our head, and extending organically into the environment around us. This is how the tear in the fabric of the blanket of life will be mended.


Despite what the scared child-elder is screaming at us through the TV or newspaper or people on the street, life is a safe place for us, especially when we are acting in union with our own integrity, our own authenticity. It is a day, a moment, a place where you can connect into the authority to notice the life you’ve been called to live from your first breath here, and live it.

Young Warrior, Your Sword Has Arrived

(Uranus Square Pluto, Take 3)

The third square of Pluto and Uranus, occurring on May 20, 2013, cracks open the human covenant to remain outside the fold of nature by objectifying it. The world of science with its categories and dissections is being shown for its limitfulness. The Uranian spark wakes the impulse to be true to the warrior in us, which is ultimately sourced by Earth and made effectively through connection to animal and plant spirits.


For ages, we humans have cultivated a sense of safety by objectifying the reality of that which we perceive as the other. Now, it becomes that the other is not an object but a self, a spirit. There is spirit in the weeds in our gardens and the tables in our kitchens; there is spirit in the milk we drink and the water we bathe in. Each is a myself, and to each its own fullness of life.


The Aries experience of warrior empowerment is inherent in the courage it takes to let the other be as is, to let nature have its way with life, to be engaged without being afflicted by a need to dominate.


Anger, confusion, sadness, a deep sense of loss—there are all par for the course of these squares. Behind these feelings which have such a rooted life in us in our world is a persistent, indomitable knowing that the life instinct is continuing to impress us with the skills and audacity to transform the way we are in the world as we literally extend the next Age into being from within us.


Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

(Uranus Square Pluto, Take 2)

Have you noticed how much energy is moving through our bodies lately? The earth being, Gaia, herself is flooding us with so much inner earth memory that we are practically storming with it inside ourselves. As this happens on the deep earth plane, in the starry nations, Uranus is preparing to square Pluto precisely for the second time of this stretch of squares we are in the midst of. The first was back in June, and was about coming to a deeper level of awareness about emotional bodies. And so it was.


As we spiral inside the issue at hand, where Pluto and Uranus are becoming increasingly trusting of this new alignment with each other, the whole process unfolds a bit more. Pluto Square Uranus Take Two asks, what are you doing to maintain a state of semiconsciousness? What structures have you in place to help you avoid being dynamically aware of what’s happening inside earth? Where does the desire to be only aware-enough-to-get-by live in your body?


A square can have a tense feeling, and part of the tension of this square is related to the feeling of being uncertain that I have enough inner resources to meet what is being asked of me. Venus is floating at a distance, watching the intensity grow, and radiating the sense that there is no limit to the energy I have access to when I keep my heart open. And it is natural, easy for me to keep my heart open. It is the simplest thing.


The explosion happens when the Plutonian part of this, which wants to control the depth and level of revelation (amount that is revealed) meets his match in Uranus, who wants all to be lit up, who is able to manifest impactful changes so suddenly that any notion of controlling the process is instantly shown as entirely naïve.


Not to be outdone, Pluto goes deeper into the hidden and shows his ability to maneuver and traverse subconscious territory with grace and ease while remaining just beyond surface awareness. Uranus allows Pluto to find another corner to rest, when POW, sudden enlightenment dawns again and Uranus lights up the whole board and reveals where Pluto is, what he is considering, and how to let the process live out in the open, in the light.


We are being revealed to ourselves in ways that we could never have predicted or understood even days ago, let alone years or ages ago. Venus’s stream is there for rejuvenation, and Gaia is insisting that we finally face her with our whole selves intact.

Hi Emotional Body, I’m Your Consciousness

(Uranus Square Pluto, Take 1)

There is a tension in the atmosphere that’s been building for some time now. A gut-level awareness that we have to break free from the cultural trance we’ve selected for the past few thousand years. A sense of dis-ease that we’ve allowed ourselves to become so weakened by our addictions, so disconnected from working with the inside of the planet.

Pluto has no desires—only needs. Severe, relentless, demanding, in-your-face, gonna-make-you-see-it needs. Pluto’s medicine is growing in its concentration, and has reached the point where it is requiring that we face how, why, and that we have tried so hard to dismember our emotional body. We have shamed and spit on, tried to completely obliterate the subtle, emotive tendency of our beings to guide us through the inner-Earth experience with the grace of all experience that came before and will come after us.


Pluto is requiring that we feel everything that has gone unfelt, repressed. She is back—the one who knows not the most logical, direct route—for she is not goal oriented, ascension-escape focused—but the one who knows all the underground tunnels, who knows how to Be here, who remembers the shapes of the hills as a lover who cannot forget the shapes of her beloved’s body. She is the one who manages to convince the mind to focus on a goal that is bigger than personal fulfillment; she knows that we are fulfilling the story of all time and are part of something magnificent and which is only revealed when we flow rather than will.


Uranus is acting as the great processor. But he is not just a super computer. He can see the bigger plan that is being played out. His presence is clarifying, fortifying to our spirits that are hungry for a sense that someone out there believes we can do what is being asked. Uranus knows that we can do this. Uranus knows that there is no power outside of us that can dominate the power that is inside of us.


As Pluto calls on the deepest forces to return with haste, Uranus calls on our inner power, the quiet strength within us that Knows that we will see through any task that we apply our consciousness to.


And so it is.

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